Refund Policy

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Cancellation of Your Subscription:

If you are not entirely satisfied, you may cancel your subscription at any time by using the Contact Us feature of the Website. Please give your First and Last Name, along with your Username and identifying phone number. State that you would like to cancel your subscription effective with the next billing period.

Transitional Triumphs, Inc. will not refund any payments that have accrued to your account after the initial 7-day period following renewal.
7-day money-back guarantee:
If you are dissatisfied with your first subscription for any reason, just email us within the first 7 days of your subscription by submitting a Contact Us request. We will honor your request, no questions asked.*
Our support staff will review your request, issue a refund and downgrade your account to free content only. You will no longer be able to post comments or otherwise communicate with the Transitional Triumphs community.
*Note: This money-back guarantee applies only to new users who have not received a complimentary subscription through a third party, and does not apply to users who breach any term or condition of this Agreement.


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