Welcome! I’m Melanie Wolfe.

I am sorry for your loss. But, I am happy you are here.

You are not alone. While no one can understand your unique loss, most everyone can relate to the universal feelings of confusion, fear and broken-heartedness.

Not only is the person you love no longer available to you, you must learn to live without the person. Oftentimes, our loved one “took care of” many of our needs. Perhaps he or she handled the household finances, prepared the meals, arranged for auto maintenance. Maybe you are faced with re-entering the workforce, or you have unwillingly become a single parent.

These are all daily living activities that must be done. But, following a loss, we often feel disconnected and overwhelmed by everyday life. As much as we may like to stay in bed and pull the covers over our heads, life does go on. The bills need to be paid, the kids need to be fed, and the home needs to be maintained- all while we mend our broken hearts.

Dealing with the after-effects of the death of a loved one is not a spectator event.  You cannot be a passive observer.  Rather, it requires the emotions to feel, the knowledge to understand what to do, and the ability to act on what needs to be done. It is where the head & heart meet hands & feet. You must be an active participant in your grief journey.

Transitional Triumphs seeks to help survivors find useful information and resources relevant to issues facing them in the moment. This site is not a substitute for professional care, i.e. counseling, financial, medical or legal advice. It is intended to be used as a general collection of resources. Each individual must decide for him or herself, whether or not the information is helpful. Take what you need, and leave the rest. As you continue on your survivor’s journey, your needs will change. Come back and visit often.

Please feel free to contact us with suggestions on topics or improvements to the site. If you’ve felt successes along the way, please consider sharing what worked for you. Others might benefit from your experiences. Loss is universal, but strength can be found in the small, personal triumphs of the thing we call life.

Thanks for joining us!